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Ode to a Cellphone

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2007 at 18:33

I have been in mourning. Its a sad day for me. A sad day indeed. Recently, I lost part of myself. I lost my Razr.

Actually, lost is not the correct term. I, erm, murdered my phone. I drowned it, to be more exact. It spent 10 minutes in the washing machine. OK OK, enough laughing.

I didn’t actually realize it until someone called me on my landline and told me that my phone “was unavailable”. Immediately, I fished it out, and did what I could. I got out the hairdryer, the towel, I even held it out over the stove. I performed surgery, taking it apart and inspecting various organs. It was like a scene from ER, with my blowing air into my cell, and shouting “I’m not giving up on you!”. But it was to no avail.

In memory of my deceased cell, I will hold a funeral ceremony this weekend. All are welcome. Come pay your respects if you can. It would have appreciated it. 

So long, my Razr. We have had a long and memorable time together. You are in a better place now. May your soul rest in peace.

P.S. I also lost all my contacts, so please IM me your number.