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Bored with your Windows Theme?

In Apple on July 3, 2007 at 17:09

This guy here tells you how to make plain old Windows look like Ubuntu which seems a bit pointless because 1)Ubuntu’s default theme sucks, and 2) you could just install Ubuntu instead.

Now, if you wanted to make Windows look like Mac OS X, thats a noble goal. First, OS X looks amazing (no, really), and second, you can’t install it on anything other than Apple hardware.

I’ve done this with my Windows (erm…yes…I use Windows, but more about that in another post). Check out how it looks here. I used a couple of msstyles to achieve this look,namely, OS X Tiger (imaginative name, I know) and SS4. A simple Google search will yield these styles. Next, copy the file into the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ directory, where C: is the partition on which Windows is installed. Next go to Control Panel -> Display -> Appearance and select the style you downloaded in the Windows and Buttons drop down menu, and, viola. Mac OS X on your computer!

Post your own screenshots in the comments, or recommend any other style that you like.