Battle Scars!

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2008 at 20:41

Battle scars galore.

My first real accident on my bike in all 4 years of driving 😀

  1. Light has forsaken us,Darkness surrounds us,whispers of a nameless fear grips everyone,we have the need to use artificial lights, the Lord’s typing hand is bleeding and it is 7:45 pm 😛 😛

  2. Do you now regret mocking me that u have not had an accident while i have? Anyway,does this mean u r not going to be able to use the keyboard? (gasp..)

  3. “My first real accident” – how many imaginary accidents have you encountered so far 😛

  4. @Guru Naansense

    @Prashanth Good thing you’re not a doctor 😀

    @Madhan I don’t regret mocking you because at the time of mocking I had not had an accident yet! :->

    @Vijay The others have just been small bumps. No battle scars 😛

  5. Why would anyone upload that on Flickr 😛

    @Prashanth: +1 😛

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