Pah! Bollywood!

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2007 at 11:38

Watch this video, and tell me, does it look familiar?


  1. naansense , it doesnt look familiar at all… Semma imagination .. how original can u get … semma graphics and all those bullets hitting the walls, the black shirt, the entry, all of them are superb innovations. Hollywood should learn from bolllywood (Oops!!) 😀 .

  2. I know. What I meant was that the Matrix guys probably copied it from here! 😐

  3. perhaps… You know about Minority report? They could predict the future crimes.
    Likewise the matrix guys predicted this innovation.. Long live bollywood.

  4. You are right. This does seem vaguely familiar.

    Isn’t this like a futuristic Weathertop scene from LOTR? The lead actor being Aragorn and the cops being the Nazgul.

    Or perhaps, it is a modified Horcrux retrieval attempt where the policemen are Inferi and the guy killing them mercilessly is Dumbledore? Hmm, this seems more likely.

    Coz, it has got to be from a fantasy movie, otherwise, the guy should have been hit by at-least one bullet.

    I take that back. It is from a movie. No reason for him to be hit by a bullet even if he is fired at from point-blank range.

    Don’t you have an exam tomorrow? 😐

  5. Do. Not. Insult. The. Matrix.

    Erm, I do have an exam tomorrow.

    Come to think of it, don’t you? And the length of your comment is longer than my post. Guess who’s vettier.

  6. Who was battling navratil the day before the security exam or any exam for that matter. Who was attacking the undead army a day before network exam and then a sem … i guess its not me or u aravind 😀

  7. I have an exam tomorrow? That is news to me. Let me ask some of my classmates. They would know better.

    Guess who’s vettier? Perhaps the “One” who is watching videos on youtube?

  8. It is the duty of all citizens of the realm to battle the Undead Army! Humans, Night-Elves(wow!) and Orcs all battle the Undead constantly. It is impossible to pinpoint a particular person 😐

    And I am curious, who is the Navratil person?

  9. Aye Aye captain.. So i shall join the battle against the undead maybe after the exams get over 😐 .

  10. Lol! Not a bad imitation for Bollywood standards 🙂 Who is guru in the above comments? 😛

  11. Vijay, a part of it is taken straight from the Matrix. If you watch closely, you can see thay Akhsay’s face is onto photoshopped onto Neo’s body. 😀

    And Guru is the resident Thalleh of CEG.

  12. Dood, get your eyes checked. Thats not me in the video 😐

    Also, you spelled my name wrong. Its pains me to call you my friend.

  13. Ya thats what i thought too at first.. But the Indian police made me think otherwise 😛

  14. -> And Guru is the resident Thalleh of CEG.
    😐 😐
    Dont mind him kid , these days he even calls cats and rats thalleh , he has got thalaomania 😀 …

  15. Its all a conspiracy I say, a conspiracy!

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