Chennai at 3:11 pm

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2007 at 21:14

This is what I’m going to be doing at 3:11 pm on November 3rd.


This is not for any great worthy cause, this is not a competition, it may or may not help charity, it will not prevent global warming, you will gain no medals, no certificates but it is most definitely not a waste. – The guys at

Defining a moment in Chennai:

  1. Lets hope it dpesnt rain at that time 😀

  2. it ll obviously be raining at that moment and all those photos will be showing ‘water’ in some way or they other 🙂

  3. Oops. I forgot.
    1)There was no power in my house, so I was upset.
    2)I was writing a dumb assignment
    So, wat did u take?

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