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When you want to print the time from inside the kernel, you cant use gettimeofday or clock_gettime. You have to use getnstimeofday. This is because we can’t link the librt library when compiling. I think.


Star Wars on the Terminal

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So, like the geek you are, you spend most of your time on the Terminal, hacking away at your code. Now and again, you feel the urge to watch a movie. But you have to fire up a whole new app for that! Fear not! For now, you can watch a movie from your beloved command line!

Just telnet to, and enjoy Star Wars IV: A New Hope in ASCII goodness! Thats right, the entire movie is rendered in ASCII text.

The first one to sit through the entire text movie wins the “Best Geek” award 😐

PS. For all you non-geeks out there:

1. What are you doing on this blog?

2. Copy and paste the following “code” into your Terminal/Command Line:


The Rhino Party

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Apparently, there is (was?) a party in Canada which has named itself the “Rhinoceros Party of Canada”. Their main promise is a “a promise to keep none of our promises.”

Some of their other promises include:

Providing higher education by building taller schools

Ending crime by abolishing all laws

Adopting the British system of driving on the left; this was to be gradually phased in over five years with large trucks and tractors first, then buses, eventually including small cars and bicycles last

Despite such great propaganda, they never won a seat in parliament. I wonder why? I would have voted for them…

(via The IIM Thalleh, and Wikipedia)